Goldensglen Right as Rain


Hips: BVA 6:3

Elbows: BVA 0:0

Eyes: Normal OFA


Heart: Normal OFA


PRA 1: Clear Embark

PRA 2: Carrier Embark

Ichthyosis: Carrier Embark

DM Status: Clear Embark

NCL Status: Clear Embark

Lexi is out of our beautiful girl Gabby and looks so much like her mom that sometimes I call her Gabby by mistake.  Gabby stamps her own look on her babies and Lexi is definitely a chip off the old block!  Lexi LOVES to play fetch.  She always has to have something in her mouth but her favorite things to do are chase squirrels and play fetch!

Lexi has become our alpha female and she  is definitely a ring leader in our golden family. She’s also a big clown.  There hasn’t been a puddle or creek that didn’t have Lexi’s name on it. But she’s a loveable goofball that we are so proud to have as part of our family.