Occasionally we will place a dog who does not make our breeding program or a dog who is retired who deserves to be a couch potato and the center of a families universe. We don’t take the placements of our adult dogs lightly as they have been the center of our universe since the day they were born. We are probably more particular about placing them.

We prefer to try to place two of our goldens together because we find that they adapt better to their new home when they are with a family member. We will of course consider other situations but we do find that all of our dogs need to have another companion dog in the home since they have been part of a pack their whole lives. If that is not something you currently have, our adult dogs are probably not the best fit for your family.

Currently, we are looking to place our sweet Callie (left) with our lovely Lolo. Callie is a retired girl who is six years old. She produced the most beautiful puppies. She has been obedience trained and has the most lovely disposition. She loves to be your shadow and her favorite past time is laying by your feet although if you have a ball in your hand, all bets are off! She has been spayed and has put on some weight because of it. We had her thyroid tested and she is hypothyroid which means she takes medication twice a day. She is doing quite well on her green bean diet but still has some more weight to drop. She is otherwise quite healthy and has the most happy go lucky temperament. We absolutely adore her!

Lolo just turned two. She is also an absolute doll baby and one of the sweetest girls. She’s a bit reserved and shy at first until she gets to know you and then she’s all over you! She also loves to play fetch. She is a skilled hunter so squirrels and moles need to be very afraid of Lolo! Lolo is one of the prettiest goldens I have ever produced but she did not make our breeding program so like Callie, I want her to be the center of someone’s universe.

I would like for these two to be placed together in a loving home where they will be indoor dogs but be allowed to play outside in a fully fenced in yard (not invisible fence). I am asking $3000 for Lolo and $1000 for Callie. Lolo will need to be spayed. References from your vet as well as people who know you will be required. Should you feel your family is a good candidate for these sweet girls, please feel free to reach out to me at angel@goldensglen.com.